Tips Buying Insurance

Tips: Buying Insurance

1. The RIGHT Company

Obviously, Prudential is the No. 1 Insurer in Malaysia. It is not without effort and excellent track records. Always choose the BEST!

2. The RIGHT Products / Plans

Before we can assist in providing the best products or plans that will suit you the best, you must understand what you need or want in your life. Do you wanna plan for an early retirement? Or your main concern is premature death? Discuss with the Agent and express all concerns, it is a FREE CONSULTATION.

3. The RIGHT Budget

Based on financial research done, it is advisable to save at least 10% of your monthly salary. But this is just theoretical. You may want to save more or slightly less depending on your budget. What’s important is that you are protected first; focusing on paying premium too high until at some points you can’t afford living and subsequently causing your policy to lapse.


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