PRUlink One – (Protection + Medical Card + Saving)

I am sure still a lot of peoples do not know about this special saving account – PRUlink one. :) It is really worth to invest. What are the 3 in 1 account?

Illustrate for a Male, age at 30, Teacher and Non-Smoker. Monthly Saving of RM200

1. Protection: You get protected in term of your family income. Anything happen to you, your family will get the income protection from your policy. At least, they have the amount of money to open a business, for your children and at the same time continue paying your housing loan, car loan and etc. I believe a lot peoples never think about it. They like to predict that they are healthy all the time. Even you are healthy all the time, but do you have enough saving when you are retire? Please remember that life is uncertain. So, please don’t predict your own life but start your own savings instead. If Death or TPD (Total Permanent Disability), this man’s family will get RM100K for their income protection.

2. Medical Care: It is all about the in and out hospitalisation. If you are diagnosed one of the 36 critical illnesses, you will need to deposit money for the operation. For example, for heart operation will need about RM30K to RM50k in order to do the operation. Nowadays, for Minor Operation also need about minimum of RM3K-RM5k.

If your salary is around RM1K – RM2k. Can you afford to pay the deposit if you did not make any saving?

For your information, medical expenses have increased about 20% yearly. What happen if we don’t have any saving for any uncertain circumstances? Anyway, if this man was diagnosed one of the 36 critical illnesses, the insurance company will issued a cheque of RM50K for their living expenses and the monthly of RM200 will be paid by the insurance company until the age of 100(if still alive). Besides that, this man can claim all the medical bill up to RM50K per annual limit. This special medical card can be used up to RM500K for a lifetime until the age of 70.

3. Retirement Income. This is best about this special account. You will get back all your savings if you start your saving early. Or else, you will need to save more if you at old age. Anyway, this man will get RM70K-RM100K at the age of 55 if nothing happen.

However, if you do need more advice or questions, feel free to email me at or  or SMS me at +6016 8584305.   No obligations whatsoever of course. Its just for your knowledge of whats in the market.  Please leave your reply also at this website.  Thanks.


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